Product design FMP 05/02/17


Today I did a fourth and fifth concept design. Fourth design was a melting clock was inspired by Salvador Dali. A melting clock is one part of his art pieces that was interesting so my design was something very colorful. I use grey to be clock body because grey is between black and white not too dark so other parts I will use a colourful colour like purple, red and pink to make it more attractive and feel of conceptual art material I want to use is a plastic because I think plastic when I burn it a pattern that effect is something that I want to see so when it burn it kind of melting effect that I think it was easily more than cut it because something than we did expect to be maybe it better that something we want it to be. On a fifth concept design I create a chair I use a dripping style that was more colourful and iconic in my opinion I think colour was contrast I have to say am not good at drawing so I think a pattern it was different and material I want to use is wood because I think it stronger than other material and easy to find in school workshop and for cushion I will use fabric because it easy to create a painting and cheap so I will mix it together but I think I will do a simple chair design but I will focus on fabric in a pattern design.



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