Product Design FMP 05/03/17



Today I create a new pattern design that I think it looked nice if stay in a real cushion and chair. I get inspired by a world map so in my drawing it quite a long time to do it because it has many details to paint. For a line that I use it quite abstract when I do this I need to not use marker pen very dark it needs to soft and smooth. Colour I didn’t use a lot of tone and shade I use green, yellow, purple and blue by a reason of I think if I use a lot of colors it too much because it has many lines to so I choose a color was outstanding for me. In my opinion a colour was pop out is yellow when yellow stay with black it quite pop art because black it make yellow more bright and I design to use this to be my first pattern before final model because am not sure it will look beautiful or not so I want to make sure before doing a final model. My favorite point in this design is a small line that around the big line I think it hard to do because you need to don’t think too much out just blow my mind and do it that I think it was a hard point to do and I use black to be a background because that I told you before black will help other colours more bright and remarkable.


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