Product design FMP 05/04/17




Today I did a model pattern design that I created. First one is a folder so I have a 4 paper at last I will stick it together this one I have inspiration from a world map but this one it not quite similar because I wasn’t it a little different so when you see in a folder you will see a space it quite big and not have much more detail inside a paper so I design it like this because I don’t to show a document too much so if I do it to be my final model I will stick a paper inside that will make it more safe for an important document and I choose blue is not too bright and in my opinion it feel neater that other colors. I didn’t paint any color on it because of it in a first page so pattern it enough. My second design I want to  make it more 3D style so I use a drip shape but it look like a liana so I cut it a half of the to make it look similar to pop-up style so this one I choose yellow because a yellow that I choose it was kind of pastel tone that will be contrasted with blue and it you look beside that a picture I took a shot it kind of 3d and pop-up shape.If I have to design it in my final product I will make it neater and use a material that stronger like plastic so I think it has to take a long time to do it because I have a limit time and it has much detail to paint it on.



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