Product design FMP 05/05/17



Today I design a folder this one is paper number 3 for this one I use red paper because I think red was something that attractive color it so bright that can make everyone interesting. I wrote an alphabet ‘LETTER’ so I use a typography  style to make it more interesting and I uses black paper stick it at the back of black paper and use a cutter to make a difference surface because when you touch it between red and black paper you will feel so difference a red paper a surface was smooth but a black paper a surface was irregular. For me, I like feeling when I touch a black paper it has more textile and when I look closely a line that I use a cutter it similar to the geometric shape. Red and black were something that contrast but it makes each other pop it out. Next is a geometric shape that I was drawn a simple line and it will be a rectangle shape after that I cut only one side of and fold it one side that I cut it. In my opinion, this one is the most favorite folder that I do. I like when it fold and effect it was 3D style but it I make it for the 3D style I need to make it stick with a paper and use a black marker pen to help to look interesting. Between two of this, I like a blue paper with a geometric shape more than because of it more 3D shape.



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