Product Design FMP 05/08/17



Today I still design pattern of a folder but this one is a last 2 pattern and I will finish. A yellow I design in my opinion I think it was similar to a diagram of a Gundam toy so I stick some a piece of paper at the back because I want to make it more detail so in my opinion if just only line it very simple. Next one is a pop-up folder that I prefer this more than a yellow paper because it was more detail and it was a good Ideal made the last paper look excited and when to look beside an effect it looks more interesting. After when I finish all 6 paper of folder paper and I put it into a big folder I think it made a feeling of working was good moods because of color and pattern was interesting. After that I plan to do a cushion so when I finish I will compare which one will be the best to my final model so I talked with my tutor he will give me a cushion and I will use a technique like sewing or painting that I will use it together so first thing I do when a cushion with me is drawn a world map pattern and sewing with a black thread because I think black it was more darker and it look good with another colour that can make another colour brighter. when I finish I sewing I paint a color on but I didn’t use a color for fabric and I tried it and paint a color on so it feel more 3D.

thumbnail_20170428_091629.jpgthumbnail_20170428_091556.jpgthumbnail_20170428_091556.jpg  thumbnail_20170508_092250.jpg thumbnail_20170508_092210.jpg


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