Product design FMP 05/09/17



After when I finish my first cushion today I try to do an experiment that I have to think what pattern more than a painting that I would like it to be. This experiment that shows an interesting style. In the picture it like a cotton with a pin when I look at it it was interesting if I make it more detail and put a fabric on the top and stick it on a chair I think it was a good ideal so I cut a cushion that in a rectangle shape and try to sew to a cotton that would like to see how it is and I put a blue circle in it. In my opinion, I think it was good to see it in together so I see something difference about pattern and thing that I put inside a cushion if and my ideal is I want my cushion was comfortable when I touch this one it soft and can make my cushion look comfortable.

thumbnail_20170508_100134.jpg        thumbnail_20170508_100054.jpg





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