Product design FMP 05/10/17



Today did a artist research his name is Harry Bertoia he was an Italian-born America Artist, sound art sculptor and modern funitur desig. I research his art and product that he was design. A monoprinte and screen two of his art pieves was interesting me. A monoprinte I choose it because it a geometric style and tone of a color that I think it warm tone and he use a contrast that was make it feel when I confuse and my brain was turn around inside. Screen was unique it similar to a wall but this one was more 3D style so he did’t used many color but made somthing that 3D so when put this one to infront the company or art gallry it will make everybody excited and do it like a waterfall it will amazing. Diamond chair was a attractive chair first chair that I was research is a blue chairs. I prefer this one because I like a cushion that stick it only one side so it a geometric and I like a way that harry design a cushion because it can make everybody interesting so he use a blue fabric I think he don’t want this chair was a contrast colour next is a volourful chair that bright colour but am not sure if I sit it will comfortable or not.

Unknown-2.jpeg  Unknown-1.jpeg

images.jpeg  images-1.jpeg


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