Product Design FMP 05/11/17

Today I did a research in a book name ” Chairs Charlotte & Peter Fiell’ is about many style of stool chair design. First design from is Isamu Noguchi a Rocking stool, 1954 I choose this one because of a simple design and color he didn’t use a lot of color but leg was difference so he use a stanless to make in my opinion it look not too strong enough to sit it didn’t hard-wearing and I thik it was a upside down so maybe it can use in a two way and for this chair design color it need to be simple. A butterfly, 1956 design by Sori Yanagi this product is a wood chair that I like a butterfly shape it feel not comfortable but it stanable that Isamu rocking chairs and I think he want a shape that he design it more interesting so he didn’t paint any color. Perter Murdoch Spotty, 1963 it made by polyethylene-coated, laminated paper. I like a shape and color that he paint on and I think child will like it when I look at first it similar to a cow so a shape is a simple geometric style thay I like it. Miss Trip, 1996 design by Philippe Starck is a youngest chair design for all of this. Color is a pastel and not too bright. A shape is similar to hourglass and I sit a shape that look alike this chair it feel strong and comfortable.


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