Product design FMP 05/15/17



Today I create an idea chair drawing so this design was the third design. This one I inspired by a traditional Thai drum and my tooth brush design in my previous project that I think it similar when I cut a fish in half body. I want it to more stronger I will use a material like wood and stainless so in a cushion I will use woods and leg I will use stainless that will help to support a body and I think it stronger and stable. The last idea is a chair that has a hole in the middle of a chair for a leg it very straight but it has a curve. I want to have a hole because I think it my ideal it simple so if it has a hole in the middle this chair will look interesting. I choose my final chair shape is first designed because it was simple because if I create surface pattern very colorful and shape it hard to understand it make everyone confuse simple shape but colorful pattern what I want to do.


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