Product design FMP 05/16/17


thumbnail_20170601_142259.jpg thumbnail_20170601_141956.jpg

Today I research a cushion pattern and cushion with chairs because I think it was important to research something that I will do in my final but in my final, I will stick it with a chair. In my research in seem like a pattern of a graphic that I interesting. A picture that it with a chair for me it feel strange because it easy to slip and not support anything but doesn’t judge a book by its cover maybe it comfortable and soft. When I research my favourite is loveliness life I think it was a difference style, shade and they use a geometric so they use a white color to be a background I like this point because if they use bright tone it will look messy and can’t see any shape but if they do a black background I think it will be nice too. Cushion pattern with a chair was my favorite is a purple I think the pattern that they use it not too much it more pastel and it feels like a summer.


thumbnail_20170601_142410.jpg    thumbnail_20170601_141855.jpg





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