Product design FMP 05/17/17



Today I did a scale drawing that I never did before and it quite hard for me because I need to make sure before doing a real model. I use 1 to 5 it mean 450 mm to 90 mm. First I drew 2 line in between I write 90 mm to cushion until a leg. Between cushion  18mm and leg is 72 mm it not quite hight and low because stool chair it does not have too hight after I finish my scale drawing I did a mini chair model. I cut a blue foam in a circle shape width 90 mm I choose blue foam because I think it strong and look good and I cut three pieces if wood long 72 mm but in the picture you will see I have a mark it mean this wood was too long and I need to cut it out to be 72 mm after I cut a wood already I have to mark in a blue like you see in a picture it similar to emoji when it confuse face so when I mark it finish I stick a wood with a gun glue so it hot need to careful and I have to recheck it ok or not and put a gun glue again. When I stick a wood finish I cut a piece of cushion I did it before and use a glue for fabric stick and I need to cut some fabric I don’t want.

thumbnail_20170512_150438.jpg thumbnail_20170512_150514.jpg thumbnail_20170512_151505.jpg thumbnail_20170512_151548.jpg thumbnail_20170512_152046.jpg thumbnail_20170512_152018.jpgthumbnail_20170512_152915.jpg  thumbnail_20170512_153911.jpg thumbnail_20170512_154529.jpg



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