Product Design FMP 05/22/17



Today I did my final model so I start to find a wood and cut it but I don’t have anything to cut it on then I put scrul in the middle and tied a pencil after that I draw it and use the machine to cut. I use to cut something under a seat that can make it soft and comfortable. Next, I choose a leg it to wood so I cut on the same side that I do with a scale drawing and I have to put a scrul inside to make it more stable so I decide to have it on 3 legs and I have a problem because I broke a scrul a lot it and it hard to put it on so I need my tutor to help me when I finish I let my friends sit it on my chair all of them say it comfortable and stable but I didn’t stick a cushion on so I will tomorrow and some scrul it out of a chair so I have to redo a new scrul.




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