Product Design FMP 05/23/17



Today I create I cushion I splash a lot color but I don’t use a color for fabric after I paint and the main color is pink so I put a glitter so I need to cut it and use a hammer to stick it on all around a chair and after that I have to cut some fabric around and a glue for fabric and stick it on and I finish. For this final model teach me a lot of how can I create something that needs to be simple similar to my chair a shape was simple but fabric was a colorful style



Product Design FMP 05/22/17



Today I did my final model so I start to find a wood and cut it but I don’t have anything to cut it on then I put scrul in the middle and tied a pencil after that I draw it and use the machine to cut. I use to cut something under a seat that can make it soft and comfortable. Next, I choose a leg it to wood so I cut on the same side that I do with a scale drawing and I have to put a scrul inside to make it more stable so I decide to have it on 3 legs and I have a problem because I broke a scrul a lot it and it hard to put it on so I need my tutor to help me when I finish I let my friends sit it on my chair all of them say it comfortable and stable but I didn’t stick a cushion on so I will tomorrow and some scrul it out of a chair so I have to redo a new scrul.



Product design FMP 06/19/17


Today I think about my final ideal chair model so I want to explain more detail but I think and I discuss with tutor he say I have to have more time to do so this is a just an ideal first I want a leg stable so make a base straight between leg and base I make it curve. In a middle part of a leg, I create something that I imagine similar to Lotus it so if it just an oval shape it will boring so I drew a line when it in a final model I will paint a color or do a spray paint. Next is between seat and leg I want it to move because it will be more interesting. I do a Primary research before a final model to make sure how many styles of stool chair so the first chair it from Mattia he is one of my classmates the design it was similar to a stool chair so I like this one. second is a chair that sticks it on a machine I think it was interesting because a seat no anything to support but it strong enough to carry us. Last is a chair that can move around and I choose this one because I like a color and style.


Product Design FMP 05/18/17



Today I research about wood stood chairs that I think it more helpful for me because I will use wood and fabric. In a picture that I research it very interesting to see something inspired me in this 4 picture, I like the last chair it similar to a piano and abstract art but I think It quite hard to sit and feel not strong enough. Another example I think it very strong and difference style for a rectangle chair it like a chair that we sit in a bar but it more minimal style. Three leg chair it something similar that I will do for my final model all 4 chairs they don’t paint any color so I think it a good idea to show a real color of the wood. When I finish research I have some idea for my final it kind detail to make it look more interesting. In my drawing, I want to make a seat can move around and in the middle have patterns like a flower or abstract pattern.


thumbnail_20170601_141935.jpg    thumbnail_20170601_141855.jpg




Product design FMP 05/17/17



Today I did a scale drawing that I never did before and it quite hard for me because I need to make sure before doing a real model. I use 1 to 5 it mean 450 mm to 90 mm. First I drew 2 line in between I write 90 mm to cushion until a leg. Between cushion  18mm and leg is 72 mm it not quite hight and low because stool chair it does not have too hight after I finish my scale drawing I did a mini chair model. I cut a blue foam in a circle shape width 90 mm I choose blue foam because I think it strong and look good and I cut three pieces if wood long 72 mm but in the picture you will see I have a mark it mean this wood was too long and I need to cut it out to be 72 mm after I cut a wood already I have to mark in a blue like you see in a picture it similar to emoji when it confuse face so when I mark it finish I stick a wood with a gun glue so it hot need to careful and I have to recheck it ok or not and put a gun glue again. When I stick a wood finish I cut a piece of cushion I did it before and use a glue for fabric stick and I need to cut some fabric I don’t want.

thumbnail_20170512_150438.jpg thumbnail_20170512_150514.jpg thumbnail_20170512_151505.jpg thumbnail_20170512_151548.jpg thumbnail_20170512_152046.jpg thumbnail_20170512_152018.jpgthumbnail_20170512_152915.jpg  thumbnail_20170512_153911.jpg thumbnail_20170512_154529.jpg


Product design FMP 05/15/17



Today I create an idea chair drawing so this design was the third design. This one I inspired by a traditional Thai drum and my tooth brush design in my previous project that I think it similar when I cut a fish in half body. I want it to more stronger I will use a material like wood and stainless so in a cushion I will use woods and leg I will use stainless that will help to support a body and I think it stronger and stable. The last idea is a chair that has a hole in the middle of a chair for a leg it very straight but it has a curve. I want to have a hole because I think it my ideal it simple so if it has a hole in the middle this chair will look interesting. I choose my final chair shape is first designed because it was simple because if I create surface pattern very colorful and shape it hard to understand it make everyone confuse simple shape but colorful pattern what I want to do.

Product Design FMP 05/12/17



Today I create ideal chairs drawing in a 4 drawing. First drawing is a simple chair it have 3 legs and a cushion I want it to be circle because in a human body a bottom it not a rectangle shape it quite circle so I think circle shape will more support bottom and hip I didn’t paint any color on because it just an idea so I want it to be simple to interesting in a chair shape design more than a color and try to make a make a black line to feel it was a shadow because I want it to be 3D drawing but it not quite similar. Next one is an X shape that I use an alphabet x to inspired my ideal drawing because I think it feel strong and difference than another chair first I will choose this but I think a material like stainless will take a long time to make so I will not choose this ideal.


Product Design FMP 05/11/17

Today I did a research in a book name ” Chairs Charlotte & Peter Fiell’ is about many style of stool chair design. First design from is Isamu Noguchi a Rocking stool, 1954 I choose this one because of a simple design and color he didn’t use a lot of color but leg was difference so he use a stanless to make in my opinion it look not too strong enough to sit it didn’t hard-wearing and I thik it was a upside down so maybe it can use in a two way and for this chair design color it need to be simple. A butterfly, 1956 design by Sori Yanagi this product is a wood chair that I like a butterfly shape it feel not comfortable but it stanable that Isamu rocking chairs and I think he want a shape that he design it more interesting so he didn’t paint any color. Perter Murdoch Spotty, 1963 it made by polyethylene-coated, laminated paper. I like a shape and color that he paint on and I think child will like it when I look at first it similar to a cow so a shape is a simple geometric style thay I like it. Miss Trip, 1996 design by Philippe Starck is a youngest chair design for all of this. Color is a pastel and not too bright. A shape is similar to hourglass and I sit a shape that look alike this chair it feel strong and comfortable.

Product design FMP 05/10/17



Today did a artist research his name is Harry Bertoia he was an Italian-born America Artist, sound art sculptor and modern funitur desig. I research his art and product that he was design. A monoprinte and screen two of his art pieves was interesting me. A monoprinte I choose it because it a geometric style and tone of a color that I think it warm tone and he use a contrast that was make it feel when I confuse and my brain was turn around inside. Screen was unique it similar to a wall but this one was more 3D style so he did’t used many color but made somthing that 3D so when put this one to infront the company or art gallry it will make everybody excited and do it like a waterfall it will amazing. Diamond chair was a attractive chair first chair that I was research is a blue chairs. I prefer this one because I like a cushion that stick it only one side so it a geometric and I like a way that harry design a cushion because it can make everybody interesting so he use a blue fabric I think he don’t want this chair was a contrast colour next is a volourful chair that bright colour but am not sure if I sit it will comfortable or not.

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Product design FMP 05/09/17



After when I finish my first cushion today I try to do an experiment that I have to think what pattern more than a painting that I would like it to be. This experiment that shows an interesting style. In the picture it like a cotton with a pin when I look at it it was interesting if I make it more detail and put a fabric on the top and stick it on a chair I think it was a good ideal so I cut a cushion that in a rectangle shape and try to sew to a cotton that would like to see how it is and I put a blue circle in it. In my opinion, I think it was good to see it in together so I see something difference about pattern and thing that I put inside a cushion if and my ideal is I want my cushion was comfortable when I touch this one it soft and can make my cushion look comfortable.

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