Sainsbury Centre


   On Tuesday November 15th I went to Sainsbury Centre for the visual art,Norwich .In there it have many amazing art work that make me feel impress so i will show some example of art work i like first is ‘Masi’ this art work





 Sir Everand Im Thurn, Governor of Fiji 1904-1911.

     Club it made by wood and now stayed in Fiji Museum . This is a wood like a lamp shape like a lamp floor or it similar like wand shape was quit long and in the bottle look like a flower or mushroom colour is brown. Style it similar like Chinese traditional decorations like they put in a house in the picture I can see a dark tone between conner and body.



Collected by A. von Hügel, 1875-77. Z 2906

 Fishing basket it made by coconut leaf , hibiscus fibre in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge. This style is something like when we catch a fish so we put it in there and line and shape is like a half circle with a geometric.I see something similar went go to pound that some one catch the fish .


Collected by Sir A. Gordon, 1875-80. Z 2943

     Cuttlefish lure it made by shell, stone,coir,cane in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,Cambridge. This style is something like a necklace to ware in the neck and colour was brown and yellow in this picture I see  many detail in there like line and cluve.


Presented to Sir A. Gordon by Ratu Tevita Madigibuli, 1876. 1955.247

    Hook  it made by wood and coir in Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology,Cambridge.It a wood it similar like a lamp that was stuck in the wall and it was quite tradition and color was brown. I see it in the top you can put a incense on it on hang it on the wall and put lamp under so you will see something was different.


19th Century

      Temple  it made by coir, reed in Museum of Archaeolgy and And Anthropology,Cambridge. This style was like a temple like it in they name and the color was a red wood  in the picture I see like a wood house. This one it seem like when they make they put a lot of lop for make something like this.


Greenock in the 1870s.

Double-hulled Sailing Canoe it made by wood coir in Private Collection. This style it similar like a boat and colour was a red wood. Body was quite long.I think this one is a classic one from the old sailing boat that material they use it cheap and easy to find so that can use it but now that use some material much more stronger.



        All this picture that make me remember when I was young that see my cousin they was use in and it inspire me for my project some of them is call a product example like a double-hulled sailing canoe this one can use it and easy to make it more than boat now a day so that me inspire me to make in other way still can classic like this but much stronger than.Now I am study in Product design in my opinion everything I choose was make me feel I want to make product like this but more useful and not just be decoration.


Conceptual Art And Land Art

Conceptual Art And Land Art


    Conceptual Art is abstract art and meaning it not very clear so you have to think what a real meaning it going  to be and Land Art it something like a landscape but landscape it quite photography but Land art it a kind of art with change a bit style , tone and colour.

This two art work it’s so difference style left hand you will see picture is a girls and in her arm she hold a cat in this picture it look like a upside down so you will see a girl her back is stick with a ceiling it look like a horror film name The Exorcist make me feel a bit scary. Kind of painting I think is oil painting just for looking this painting was beautiful next is land art in photo is a stone similar like a foot step I like this photo because it’s illustrate something about life step be step you will see a small foot first and big bigger biggest. This two art work is not new style but there ideal it interesting  in my opinion they want to show something about life went we grow up everyday.


This art work is from Michael Heizer is in 1972 . I’m not sure what material did he use but his work was so iconic and I think  this one it make in a desert it similar like place that people make turbine and you will see the shadow is appearance look very long and move not straight. I think did art work is influence me about how to use shade and shadow because this photo colour shade of colour is quite similar is brown,beige and have a blue.


This one is my photo from fine art project that I want to tell about some situation we have to be quite have listen what are other people thinking or doing or stay quite maybe is the safe way for a bad situation.






Abstract Expressionism


Abstract Expressionism is the term applied to new forms of abstract art developed by American painters such as Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Willem de Kooning in the 1940s and 1950s, often characterized by gestural brush-strokes or mark-making, and the impression of spontaneity

                This is a two artist about Abstract Expressionism that i choose first one is Mark Rothko he was an American painter of Russian Jewish descent his art are similar like this one i choose him because i like the style when he paint in every painting of his work the shape are similar but color and tone are different and next one is  Mark Rothko was a Dutch-American abstract expressionist artist i choose this image because it like a child paint i think he use a oil pastel for this work  and this image color was so contrast. I prefer Mark Rothko by cause of line , color and style.

               This one is my Abstract painting with acrylic color and roll that i was shared on Instargram. I mad this because my feeling is not good so you will see the tone it quite black and red it mean i feel worried and angry.


               The minimalist emerged in New York in the early 1960s among artists who were self-consciously renouncing recent art they thought had become stale and academic. It about something normal and simple, something less is more. Painters and sculptors avoided overt symbolism and emotional content, but instead called attention to the materiality of the works. By the end of the 1970s.

                             Clock with blue background is remind about time that we use to see everyday look like it melt in my opinion is about when you spend time with a nonsense thing. Second is a pipe the classic one before human made a cigarette now a day with a blue background i think the artist want we to think about bad habit for health because Pipe if you smoking a lot if will effect to your body. In my opinion I like image number 1 because when you lost the time for something time will not comeback again for any reason or excuse. Influencing  minimalism for artist now a day i think is from movie poster , logo , character of cartoon that they see when they was young or other artist work. I like minimalism because it simple , easy to look , simple tone that relax when i look. If i buy a house i will use a minimalism as a result of i have to stay in that more than one year i want something that simple , neat and not bored that why i choose Minimalism.



                    Is the kind of art about color, graphic , illustration and imagination . Pop art it can be a realistic like human or something around us and some kind of abstract so Pop art is a direct descendant of Dadaism in the way it mocks the established art world by appropriating images from the street and presents it as art in itself.

Andy Warhol , Roy Lichtenstein Whaam & Richard Hamilton

       The three artist they have so different style from Warhol his work is something around us like famous art work is call ‘Soup cans’ that the same as picture you see he show us a same appearance of a can but taste was so dissimilar i think he want to show his everyday meal maybe he does not like or like it and in my opinion i think he try all taste of soup next is Lichtenstein his work is a oil and Magna. His work is so comic and when you look in his work i think you have to read his comic first you will understand the situation than the character got. Hamilton art work when i look at picture is mean sexualities , confident and human life.

      First painting is about the man with green eye color painting with many color like blue , red , orange and yellow when i look at the man eye it like are him angry me or not? i like the color was so contrast. second painting was a girl with a red nail and lipstick this painting have only red , white , grey and black in my opinion the artist was to show beauty trend now a day that mean the woman have more brave to show they confident with the make up.

            In my opinion Pop arts influence is something that we see everyday we can feel about. Modern art in the would today i think it stay between advertising ,money and law but now a day  we have many way to show our work to the world and some art work are changing the world it can be worst or better the result is from people who stand and see that work.



Contextual & Critical Studies




Savage Beauty

               The artist that was creat this art was ‘Alexander McQueen’ in New York Metropolitan Museum. In my opinions i related this art work by of reason it so impractical , modern technology and depreciation for someone. Influenced of the designer in my assessment is new in the newspaper and people around him. The ‘Savage  Beauty’ in my opinion is mean in human disposition inside we have wild animal habit protect something that was your or sex but the beauty is about something in other side that was kind friendly and be honest that the Savage Beauty in my opinion.

This Link below is form Alexander McQueen ‘Savage Beauty’ in New York Metropolitan Museum in 2011.




Dada Movement


Dada movement

  – was an artistic and literary movement that began in Zürich, Switzerland.Influenced by other avant-garde movements – Cubism, Futurism, Constructivism, and Expressionism – its output was wildly diverse, ranging from performance art to poetry, photography, sculpture, painting, and collage.Artists in many cities, including Berlin, Hanover, Paris, New York, and Cologne, all of which generated their own groups. The movement dissipated with the establishment of Surrealism.




           Cabaret Voltaire


was the name of a nightclub in Zu, Switzerland. It was founded by Hugo Ball, with his companion Emmy Henningson February 5, 1916, as a cabaret for artistic and political purposes. Other founding members were Marcel Janco, Richard Huelsenbeck,Tristan Tzara, and Sophie Taeuber-Arp and Jean Arp. Events at the cabaret proved pivotal in the founding of the anarchic art movement known as Dada.




Dada Artists


   1   Francis Picabia born Francis-Marie Martinez de Picabia, 22 January 1879 – 30 November 1953 was a French avant-garde painter, poet and typographist. In my optnion this picture make me expected beacause you will see it have two faces of a women in the same fame. First woman her face look like distraught and feel a bit sadness and the second woman her face make me feel intend,scary but it  beautiful. I thought it might to be interesting to see how the technician was he use and what the meanning that he want to mean.

   2  Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech, Marqués de Dalí de Pubol (11 May 1904 – 23 January 1989), known as Salvador Dalí, was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter born in Figueres, Catalonia, Spain. His work the results were really interesting because all his art works is similar like 3D art work but i love this one the most it have animal in the wild life , musical instrument and  forest. Sometime animal are like the musical instrument it mean the sound when the animal make is similar that we play musical instrument in real life. 

             Dada poem

    My Dada poem when i do it first tim i have a bit confused because i didn’t heard it before when i research about dada poem i understand a lot and it easy to do.Dada movement it start in 1916-1924 in my opinion Dada movement is artists was not on crafting aesthetically pleasing objects but on making works that often upended bourgeois sensibilitiesand.They will do something most creative and interesting.